Welcome to Rafal Borowski Support Ticket system!

Thank you for purchasing one of my themes. If you have problem with installation, setup or simple customization you are in the right place. Support is only available for users that verified the purchase code. Sign in and create a ticket describing your problem. I will answer it as soon as possible and I will try to help you the best possible way.

Scope of support

Support covers setup, trouble using features, and bug fixes. Please be aware that I do not provide support for your own modifications or third party plugins nor can I help you add features or extend functionality of the theme. If you would like to add features you need to hire another freelancer to do this job for you or you can post a ticket with your job to do here and I will give you a quote on how much such additional modification would cost you. Job acceptance, time frame and payment will be considered on an individual basis.

When I will receive my answer?

Tickets on this forum are answered: from Monday till Friday from 8am to 4pm CET (UTC/GMT + 1) Your ticket will receive an answer within 24-48 hours. Tickets are answered in the order they were received. Please be patient - your ticket WILL get an answer.

Few rules for creating tickets

  • Please create a NEW and SEPARATE ticket for EVERY issue you have. If you have 3 issues please create 3 separate tickets for every issue instead of putting 3 issues in one ticket. This will ensure we have everything nice and tidy on the forum and will simplify response process as well as shorten the time needed to respond on the ticket since will cover one thing at a time.
  • Before asking a question please make sure you have READ THE DOCUMENTATION that comes with every theme. If you ask questions about "how to import the demo content" or any other question that the solution to is described (in many cases even with photos) in the documentation you will be redirected there anyway so please save and respect my and yours time and first READ THE DOCUMENTATION
  • If the documentation does not contain an answer to your question please search the FAQ section on this page and Archives. Use the search box in the top left corner and input the key words of your question. If you will not find an answer this way please feel free to post a ticket.
  • Please note that support is not a place where you can ask to just get everything setup for you. You will get help, guidelines and I can even make some simple setup tasks for you in your theme but I will NOT setup EVERYTHING for you as this is well described (installation guide, required settings, demo import etc.) in the documentation.

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